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Breakthrough The Mid-Life Energy Slump (Post 30+) Without Traditional Workouts & Diets


What You Get Inside!

  • 14 Days of Boxing FitBoss coaching on Nutrition and Fitness that the best Boxer's use to prepare for the ring 

  • Customized Nutrition/Meal Guide with Meals, Tips and Full Recipes to help you Eat & Fuel your body like a champ

  • 6 LIVE Boxing FitBoss specialized HIIT workout sessions to get that body moving and slicing away fat one jab at a time

  • 2 Q&A Session on Saturdays to get your questions answered and provide feedback on progress

  • Exclusive Access to my FitBoss FB Community where you will receive the support and accountability you need to push through



I'm just a guy who happens to love working out (weird right?!) My "obsession" as some may call it started when I was about 8 years old and I started working out with my father in our garage.  

I know a lot of you aren't that guy per say! 

You might have been an athlete or into fitness before the kids or the marriage came into the picture. 


But, now it's hard to get to the gym or maybe you already go but just don't see the results! 


I get it... 


I have worked with tons of men just like you who need revitalized motivation and actually have a workout routine they enjoy showing up for! (Wouldn't that be great?)


My obsession with fitness went all the way with me to college at the University of North Carolina (GO HEELS!), where I received my Bachelor's degree in Exercise & Sport Science and minored in the sport of boxing.


Competing and coaching at the collegiate level provided me with the opportunity to learn many different training methods.


Before boxing, my life was a pretty big mess. I didn't yet have the discipline to go to class everyday, didn't have the mental focus to stay on task with assignments and I didn't have a healthy outlet to reduce my stress.


Luckily for me, I saw a "Boxing Tryouts" flyer in the bathroom of the café on campus and this began a journey that would change my life for the better. 

Knowing the incredible affect boxing has had on my life and the success it has fostered in my business and personal life. 

I have put together a 14 day program that will highlight all of the benefits boxing has to offer... 

Allowing you to finally have a workout plan that you love and gets you REAL RESULTS that you can maintain over time.

More energy to give to your kids

More strength in your body and mind

More focus that translates to higher performance professionally

And so much more man! 

Hope to see you inside brotha... 

Don't wait! Time is running out and we all know that if it's not the right time now... When is it? 

Clients Telling Their Story

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Monday | Wednesday | Friday

Start Time: 6AM CST


Welcome Session Will Be On Saturday, December 5th

Prepare Like A Champion

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Have your water bottles on deck. This is going to be a High Intensity workout and  you'll need to stay hydrated through out! 

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Make sure to block the session times out in your calendar.  There will be 3 LIVE sessions a week. See you there!

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Stay committed to the end goal. We will set the target goals at the beginning of the bootcamp and strive for them like the bosses we are!

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3004 Palm Way, Austin TX 

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